Ceramic Tile Care: Resistant and Natural

ceramic tile cleaning

Cleaning ceramic tile. Ceramic tile care.




Ultimately, ceramic tile is a functional and practical choice for floors, countertops, or walls. Tiles offer versatility in application as well as beauty from their design potential.

The Advantages

  • Durable – professionally installed ceramic tiles outperform and outlast just about every other floor covering material created for a similar application.
  • Easy care – glazed ceramic tiles resist odors, stains and dirt, and they can be cleaned easily with a sponge or a damp mop, and most ordinary household cleaners.
  • Scratch-resistant – tiles with a PEI rating over 3 are very resistant to scratches and scuff marks.
  • Resistant to fire – ceramic tiles will not burn or give off toxic fumes.
  • Water-resistant – glazed ceramic tiles will not absorb moisture, meaning that common liquid spills in the kitchen are of little concern.

Care Tips

  • Clean your tiles with a broom or a steam vac. Caution: Uncovered suction cups can quickly scratch up your tiles.
  • Tiles can be cleaned with water and a special, mild cleaner.