Laminate Care

laminate cleaning, laminate care

laminate cleaning, laminate care, laminate cleaning instructions

Laminate Flooring:

  • Sweep or vacuum your laminate floor
  • Do not use a heavily wet mop
  • Clean up spills or puddles of water quickly
  • Use products such as, Bona or Pallmann to “mop” your laminate floor.

Plastic Laminate Counters:

Most cleaning solutions, or soaps, are alkaline. Alkaline substances can etch the plastic top layer of plastic laminate, depending upon how strong they are and how long they are in contact with the laminate.

New laminate countertops can be damaged by residual soap which is not rinsed off a countertop! For example, let’s say you inadvertently leave some soap or cleaning solution on a countertop. Then you set a glass or a plate, which is wet, onto the countertop. The moisture on the bottom of the glass and/or plate can reactivate the soap. Hours later you move the glass or plate and see a ring. Try as you may, the ring does not rinse or wipe off. The solution: Always rinse off laminate countertops with clean water after washing.